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The borrowers’ wishes are not only very different with regard to the type of loan. When it comes to the criteria for admission, the desires and requirements differ widely. While some like to secure everything double and triple and therefore offer a lot of additional collateral for the bank, others would prefer to take out the loan without a co-applicant and only combine all the formalities and collateral on themselves. And this also works under certain conditions. Because a loan without a co-applicant is not as rare as you might think at first glance.

The requirements must be right

The requirements must be right

In order to be able to take out a loan without a co-applicant, you have to be able to meet all of the requirements that banks place on granting a loan. It is not just a good income. The income must also come from a permanent position. Self-employed and freelancers can also take out a loan. But not as easy as employees and civil servants, since they have to provide a lot more security and very rarely get the loan without a co-applicant.

In addition, the Credit Bureau must be right. If negative entries can be found there, the credit rating is reduced to such an extent that a loan without a co-applicant is definitely not possible. Last but not least, you have to keep an eye on the loan amount. Even with very good creditworthiness, it is only possible up to a certain loan amount to take it up without a co-applicant. As a rule, this always works very well with a small loan of up to 10,000 USD. Larger sums depend on the type of employment and the amount of income. As a high-income civil servant, you get higher loan amounts without a co-applicant than when you are a normal employee with a normal income.

This is possible with a loan without a co-applicant

This is possible with a loan without a co-applicant

A loan without a co-applicant can be taken out in various ways. The best known way is the installment loan. It can be used flexibly and does not require any purpose. In addition, the loan amount can be adapted perfectly to the project. However, if you want to buy something very special, such as a car, you should also use a corresponding loan. The banks have particularly good offers here, which are optimally tailored to the project and are therefore also particularly cheap. And if you want to finance furniture or other everyday items from a dealer, you can always do this with the help of a consumer loan.

No matter which way you choose – in the end it is always important to find a cheap offer for the loan without a co-applicant. In order for this to succeed, a comparison should always be made. The easiest variant of the comparison can be carried out on the Internet. With the help of a comparison calculator, the offers of many banks can be compared in one fell swoop, without having to obtain an offer from each bank individually. The best offers are then processed and presented to the prospect so that they can get an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthem. If you are interested, the loan can then be ordered online. It is usually available within a week.


However, if you have some time and want to play poker, you should not immediately agree to a loan offer. If you let a few days pass, you usually get an even better offer from the bank, because they absolutely want to conclude the contract and are reluctant to lose customers to the competition. With a little patience, you can still save some money.

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